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Ozone therapy


Medicine over the centuries, especially in recent years, has made great progress. However, there are more and more voices saying that conventional medicine, which is based mainly on the use of pharmacology and surgical operations, is no longer sufficient; first of all, due to the fact that it is aimed at treating only the symptoms of diseases. An alternative to conventional medicine is holistic medicine, or a method of treatment that treats the human body as an indivisible whole. Also, combining these two approaches opens up great possibilities for treating patients - according to the patented therapeutic program, based on non-pharmacological methods of treatment, among others, on folk medicine practices.

For ordinary doctors, the human body is a component of the individual elements like the heart, kidneys, lungs, etc. In the case of holistic medicine, the most important thing is to find the causes of the disease. The conventional doctor sees symptoms of disease, as elements that need to be immediately eliminated. The holistic approach is based primarily on the lack of judging individual disease signals, but treating them as a hallmark, warning that the human body is not in a state of homeostasis - balance. The pain of, for example, the spleen, deterioration of its condition will manifest in the weakening of almost entire digestive system, which in turn will disturb digestion, proper conversion of food into energy, will affect the quality and functioning of blood and circulation, the immune system, circulation and the properties of body fluids, soft tissues, skin, cerebral cortex, nervous system, also on memory and concentration. These are probably not all functions of the spleen, although it still gives an idea of how the functioning of one organ affects the functioning of the whole organism. The division of the human mind and body, as two completely separate elements of existence, is a characteristic pattern of general medicine today. In turn, holistic medicine, among other things, examines the presence of psychosomatic reasons of diseases.

The doctor-patient relationship is also important in the treatment. In the case of conventional medicine, the patient has very often major problems with understanding medical jargon, and the doctor is considered guru and authority. Of course, this can be an element that makes treatment difficult. Holistic medicine is trying to develop a system in which the doctor will not be considered an inaccessible person, but will be a kind of a partner for the patient. A holistic medicine doctor strives to restore balance in the body, performs above all a long, detailed interview, including psychological elements, asking the patient not only about the state of health, but also about the environment in which he/she lives, works, about relationships in the family.

Holistic medicine is based, among others, on Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, practiced in In-dia and Asia for about 5500 years. They are considered to be the oldest systems of natural healing on Earth. More and more interest is aroused in Western countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized Ayurveda as one of the forms of traditional medicine that may be useful, especially in developing countries.

Holistic medicine is also focused on disease prevention and disease detection in the early stages of development. It is also effective in the treatment of chronic diseases related to metabolism and stress, as well as in the mitigation of side effects arising as a result of intoxication with synthetic drugs, for example after chemotherapy or chronic antibiotic treatments. It shortens convalescence time after surgical procedures and body injuries, it also facilitates the treatment of neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal diseases, mental disorders and psychosomatic diseases associated with hormonal and respiratory disturbances. It places great emphasis on cancer prevention, recommending proper diet, physical activity and prophylactic use of appropriate herbal preparations. These herbs generally have no counterparts in Western medicine, because they are complex preparations, often containing extracts of whole plants or a mixture of up to twenty herbs (western medicine uses isolated chemical components, although preparations have appeared, for example with a ginger extract). Herbs are used both internally and externally, for example in the case of arthritis and muscle diseases, appropriately selected ointments combined with massage relieve even chronic pain. In the United States, research is conducted on some traditional herbal preparations, for example guggul, turmeric or ginger, their effectiveness has been confirmed. And although they require further research, there is a high probability that they will also be included in classical medicine. The properties of many herbs are also analyzed in terms of preventing and treating cancer, ischemic heart disease, heart failure, arthritis, diabetes or elevated cholesterol.

Holistic medicine also includes hirudotherapy, leeches, larval treatment of difficult to heal wounds, acupuncture, acupressure, norm baric chamber, holistic dentistry, hydrotherapy, bio-spa, relaxation in a salt cave, vitamin infusions.


Oxygen-ozone therapy is one of the unconventional healing methods that for many years have found a place in medicine as a method to support basic treatment, especially in those cases where routine treatment does not give satisfactory results. Ozone dissolves old non-functional and diseased cells in individual tissues, and the body is given the opportunity to return to a natural balance in the event of illness. Ozone therapy increases the fluidity of the blood, reducing its density. Ozone has a very effective virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal action. Blood ozone is the most effective treatment in the fight against staphylococcal and streptococcal infections. 


Larval treatment
Leech therapy

     LARVAL TREATMENT is used to treat chronic wounds of various origins, e.g. gangrene, pres-sure ulcers, diabetic wounds, diabetic foot, infectious wounds, burn wounds.
Poland is a leading country in Europe in the amount of cut limbs because traditional medicine cannot cope with infected wounds, diabetic wounds resistant to antibiotics. In 2004, on the basis of clinical and laboratory data, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allowed larvae to be marketed in the United States and to be used in the treatment of severe wounds. The British National Health Service (NHS) did the same in February 2004. In Europe, Canada and Japan, larvae are classified as medications. In Germany, the UK treatments using larvae are refunded. The spider fly larvae are cultured in perfectly sterile conditions. They cannot carry any bacteria and viruses. They are bred in laboratories, e.g. in the USA, Great Britain also in Poland. The results of the research are presented below.


"Maggots are the world's smallest surgeons. In fact, they are better than surgeons - they are cheaper and work 24 hours a day.” - said professor Andrew Boulton from University of Manchester.

     HIRUDOTHERAPY (treatment with leeches) – medicinal leech (Hirudo medicinalis, Hirudo verbena, Hirudo orientalis) has over 100 compounds in its glands, which, among other things, prevent thrombophlebitis, protect us from strokes and heart attacks, improve blood circulation throughout the body, at the same time increases oxygenation of all organs, definitely improving the immunity of the whole organism, bringing it to the state of so-called homeostasis (balance), which is necessary for the proper functioning of humans. Therefore leech activeity should be treated as a kind of natural vaccine that protects us against the destructive influences of civilization. Hirudotherapy can be a very effective supplement in the treatment of a number of diseases


Norm baric chamber

 Inside the chamber, the most conducive to health and longevity of a human being are: atmospheric pressure of about 1500 hPa, 40% oxygen content, 1.5-2% carbon dioxide (about 50-70 times more than outside) and 0.5% hydrogen (about 10,000 times more than outside the norm baric chamber). Scientific research shows that the treatment with elevated barium pressure causes, among others, the following positive results: it increases the production of stem cells (already after 1.5 hours session, their number will increase by 100%), reduces inflammation by oxygenation of all cells, accelerates the development of new blood vessels, stimulates epithelial regeneration, stimulates skin cells – fibroblasts, thus stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which provides skin elasticity, slows down the aging of the body, significantly reduces swelling of damaged tissues, increases the activity of osteoblasts and osteoclasts - cells responsible for bone health, improves the supply of nutrients even to distant and hypoxic cells of the body, increases physical and mental capacity of the body and the ability to memorize, definitely improves the oxygenation of all cells of the body. Therapy in a norm baric chamber often brings spectacular effects. Many patients are offered completely new opportunities to take care of their health: including a significant slowdown in aging processes, rebuilding cells after traumatic injuries such as stroke and cancer.


Supplementing the bacterial flora

     SUPPLEMENTING THE BACTERIAL FLORA – there is not only food but also bacteria in the di-gestive tract. In the large intestine, we have a hundred trillion of microbes - 10 times more than the number of all cells in our body. According to some scientists, intestinal bacteria should even be treated as a separate organ. Their combined weight may exceed one kilogram. They are responsible, among others for the synthesis of some vitamins and digestion of food present in the intestines. This so-called intestinal micro flora allows us, among others to get more energy from food and has a significant impact on the tendency to overweight and obesity. Antibiotic therapy, poor nutrition interfere with the proper amount of bacteria in the intestines, causing numerous autoimmune diseases, therefore replenishing the bacterial flora is so important.

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